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27 Jan

Lifestyle on Kloof shoppers and staff save 120 lives!

Lifestyle on Kloof together with The Western Cape Blood Services, hosted a Blood Drive on 27th January 2020 and invited shoppers, tenants and staff to donate their precious blood. What a success and a fabulous way to head into 2020 by giving back and saving lives!

Signage and criteria on becoming a blood donor was clearly indicated throughout the mall and friendly (and reassuring!) WCBS staff were at the ready to dispense information, advice and loving care every step of the way. Research statistics show that although 75% of the population in the Western Cape might require blood transfusions in their lifetime, a mere 1.5% are blood donors. Doesn’t add up, does it?

If you’re otherwise healthy, it’s very likely that you can donate blood and help balance out these numbers. A single donation can save up to 3 lives! It’s really 15 minutes out of your day, it’s actually quite relaxing AND you get a yummy cookie and fruit juice or water to enjoy after you’ve donated. To find out more about blood donation please visit

It really is a great, free, simple and safe way to give back and pay it forward!

Lifestyle on Kloof Shopping Mall will be hosting Blood Drives throughout 2020, so follow us on social media, sign up to our newsletter or watch this space!

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