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BetTech Gaming is a leading cloud enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for online and retail wagering solutions to sports betting operators in Africa and other emerging markets. Our market-leading product and service enables betting businesses of any size the functionality previously available to only the world’s largest and most established betting businesses.

With years of experience in building and running successful betting businesses in Africa and beyond, the BetTech team shares knowledge and expertise in key areas such as platform scalability, customer experience and service

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FoxP2 has a media neutral approach to brand building and doesn’t differentiate between above the line, below the line, or through the line. The only line that matters is the one that separates good and bad ideas.
The solution to a client’s marketing problem may be a big brand TV ad, a car in a Ziplock bag (something we’ve actually done), or a magic piece of bubblegum we apply to the underside of a shoe (something we’re still hoping to do). These alternative solutions we call “Mutations” and they don’t always fit into traditional media channels.

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Wine Concepts On Kloof
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Wines for all occasions to suit all pockets, come and experience our passion for wine. Also stockists of Champagne, Beer, Whiskey and Craft Gin.

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