Business Name: Alma-Clinics

Alma-clinics has 4 outlets, it is a Primary healthcare (PHC) Nurse-led Medical Technology Clinic network that leverages technology to make comprehensive Primary care accessible, affordable and offer effective treatment in order to reduce consequential complications related to non-communicable diseases in low-income market segment.

Alma offers PHC services through a Digital PHC platform that seeks to create empowerment of patients and nurses, shifting healthcare from curative to preventative, and validating a primary healthcare system that empowers all stakeholders with the “patient” at the centre and more a transparent system.

It offers a solution that will respond to current healthcare challenges and create opportunities for people that have limited access to healthcare to access quality affordable care in their communities. The solution leverages innovative portable diagnostics and an AI-driven digital platform technology to enhance services at primary healthcare through early diagnosis and treatment of diseases to reduce burden at tertiary care and prevent early mortality and disabilities associated with Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardio vascular related conditions that lead to stroke, heart attacks and other health impairments.

Consequently, it will empower nurses to cater to more patients in an efficient manner and increase health literacy through the mobile app where patients will take ownership of their health.

Phone: 011 440 2672
Shop No.: Office No. 2-01B